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Our event cleaning services are perfect for any residential parties and events such as birthdays, family reunions, graduation parties, fundraising events, weddings, baby showers and many others. Our service includes a deep cleaning procedure that will clean all of your event grounds whether inside or out, disposal of excess garbage, and complete rejuvenation of your home.

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Daily Cleaning

Event Cleaning Service

$ 100

    Restroom Cleanup :

    The most quickly soiled facilities for any event are easily the restrooms. They require janitorial service before, during and after the event to keep your patrons satisfied and facilities hygienic.

Event Cleaning Service

$ 49

    Floor Care :

    Composed of spaces with different kinds of flooring. Some have carpet, others tile, some concrete or wood, and some even grass! An event cleaning service that can wax the tile, vacuum the carpet, wash down the concrete and pick up waste from the grass shows the adaptability necessary to address all your flooring needs.

Event Cleaning Service

$ 49

    Waste Management :

    inside and outside of your venue litter-free creates a professional and sanitary appearance for your venue. Emp…

Event Cleaning Service

$ 49

    Seat Cleaning :

    For events with seating, a visitor's seat for your event is probably where that visitor will be spending the majority of his or her time. Though just a small space, cleanliness on and around all seats creates a distraction-free environment for your visitor, so they can rock out to the band or cheer on their team with peace of mind.

Event Cleaning Service

$ 49

    Special Areas Clean-Up :

    VIP sections, offices and other official areas deserve the same attention as every other part of your venue. Though these areas tend to be smaller, your event cleaning service performers, team members, clients and others will have access to these areas, so they need to impress.

Event Cleaning Service

$ 49

    Supportive Staff :

    Whether it comes to following your instructions, assisting a visitor or attending to an emergency, your cleaning staff should be trained to work effectively and politely in all situations and should be knowledgeable of the general layout and procedures of your facility.

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